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Chris Green Painters & Decorators were worthy finalists in Johnstone's 2005 Painter of the Year for the superb internal and external redecoration of a Victorian building located in the North Yorkshire town of Harrogate.

Originally a large mansion house, the building was sympathetically separated into three properties. The property is in the centre of three properties and houses the original hall and staircase, which formed part of the internal redecoration project, along with bedrooms and the entire first floor and landing.

Chris Green tackled the project over a three month period, during which four decorators worked constantly to ensure the project was completed on time for the client. Internally there was a large amount of preparation and making good to be carried out, including decorative mouldings and pillars that had to be carefully restored. Chris and his team were tasked with retaining the character of the building and ensuring that they met the client's brief of transforming the interior back to its former glory.

The exterior had not been decorated for over ten years and many years of existing paint layers had to be completely removed before any coatings could be applied. Removal of the paint revealed the detailed, ornate and decorative features of the soffits and corbels, which have been carefully painted to recreate the exterior of this building.

The fabulous final appearance of the work is due to the amount and level of painstaking preparation that has been put into this project and the professional application of all the paint coatings involved.

"The interior and exterior of the property has been totally rejuvenated and is a credit to the professionalism of Chris Green Painters and Decorators."

Johnstone's Paint Company

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