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Harlow Moor Drive, Harrogate, North Yorkshire

Entering the Painter of the Year Competition are Chris Green Painters & Decorators with the work they carried out at 34 Harlow Moor Drive, Harrogate.

Harlow Moor Drive was built at the turn of the nineteenth century, during the reign of Queen Victoria, an era which had profound effects on the architectural development of the country. This mid terrace property has over the years been utilised as numerous middle class family homes, was then used as a residential care home and has now undergone a complete transformation by being converted into seven flats.

The process of converting the building from its previous layout of a care home into seven flats, was structurally a major feat with the property turned into a building site during the conversion.

Due to the cleaning of stonework and freshly painted surfaces, the exterior of property clearly stands out from the rest of the houses in the terrace. The interior walls are painted in neutral colours throughout, using a scheme produced by Johnstone’s Colour Advisory Department. Antique White has been used on the woodwork instead of Brilliant White to give a warm, soft feel which is consistent throughout the rest of the property.

Over 600 litres of core trade products including Johnstone’s Covaplus, Stormshield Pliolite Masonry, Undercoat, Eggshell & Gloss, along with Leyland Contract Matt and Vinyl Matt were all used on this conversion.

"The standard of workmanship is apparent from the moment you enter the property – A credit to all involved on the project and a nomination to be proud of."

Johnstone's Paint Company

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